Kirsten's nature-full beginnings blended with her vivid dreaming world illuminated her creativity during her earliest years. Self-expression became an essential thread in this cosmic constellation we are all weaving.

After spending her youth in a variety of art courses with teachers who valued inspiration, freedom and innate gifts, Kirsten went on to study the arts in college. She soon realized that she would carve her own path, combining coaching and creativity. Throughout her career, Kirsten has been incorporating intuitive expression with youth and families, She is a forever advocate of the power of creativity.

“I see myself as a vessel where energy is both sourced and shared. By choosing to channel this into the creation of colorful worlds, my hope is to remind us of what forever connects us, this internal and eternal spark. Each celestial ocean, every world within a world is an expression of my most sacred dreams for humanity. From the froth of an ocean wave to the rainbow of a butterfly wing, a celestial nebula to a coral reef, we all choose what we see.”

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